Petroleum Spirit

Petroelum Spirit Still


A ROB SANDERS FILM     Produced by Evangelo Kioussis     Executive Producers: Simon Baxter, John Glen & Anthony Jones

Cinematographer: Martyna Knitter     Production Designer: Marco Puig    Editor: Max Downey

Starring: Jarrad Ellis-Thomas, Ryan Oliva, Alexandra Weaver, Georgina Beedle

A surreal coming-of-age road movie about escaping your bubble and learning what it takes to be a man.

PETROLEUM SPIRIT is a head-on collision between fantasy and reality told from the twisted world view of Errol – a partially deaf, sexually repressed teenager born in the wreckage of a Lada crash.  Raised in isolation by his fearful Mother at a remote petrol station, Errol yearns to explore the real world.

When his Mother dies in an accident, Errol learns that the Father he thought dead is alive and sets off in the Lada to find him, leaving an unintended trail of destruction across the desolate backroads of Britain.

When he finally does reach him, Errol’s violent-tempered Father tries recruiting him to a criminal underworld, forcing Errol to choose what kind of man he wants to be.

This thrilling odyssey burns a highly flammable cocktail of love, hate, sex and death until our moral compass is spinning and we can only hope that Errol finds salvation.

About Rob Sanders

With a string of awards including the Cannes Lions Grand Prix Rob has appeared twice in the Gunn Report’s top 20 ‘world’s most awarded commercial directors’. He has directed over 100 commercials worldwide for an  impressive list of clients and continues to combine honest  performance with stunning photography to create memorable films that stand the test of time.

Rob grew up in Cornwall, not the seaside/cream teas part of Cornwall, but the desolate, ruined, ugly part surrounded by redneck mechanics, oily workshops, banger racing, hey days and goat shows, where the Dukes of Hazzard looked like a locally produced documentary. With the neighbouring Navy bases adding an immediacy of the threat of Nuclear War Rob escaped to the safety of the local flea pit to watch fantasy blockbusters such as The Spy Who Loved Me and Star Wars. 10 years later art school and film school had introduced the impressionable young man to David Lynch and Andrei Tarkovsky – a cocktail of influences that would fuel a successful commercial career (see Rob’s award winning commercial work at for 18 years until again those early inspirationswould catch up and consume him. Thus Petroleum Spirit was born – A new twist on the violent, British, coming of age road-movie!