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About Us


Evangelo founded Canadian production company CHRONICLE PICTURES before relocating to London and forming MIRROR PRODUCTIONS with Simon Baxter. 


Evangelo produced CRASH BURN LOVE (2016), the debut film from acclaimed commercials Writer/Director Rob Sanders. He then produced Chanya Button’s VITA & VIRGINIA (2019), inspired by Dame Eileen Atkins’ acclaimed stage play that chronicles the love affair between Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville West. VITA & VIRGINIA stars Gemma Arterton, Elizabeth Debicki and Isabella Rossellini. The film is represented internationally by Protagonist Pictures and has a worldwide release in 2019.


Evangelo was UK Executive Producer on German/UK/Polish co-production ADVENTURES OF A MATHEMATICIAN, Thor Klein’s film about Stan Ulam, the legendary Polish mathematician who helped Oppenheimer create the H-Bomb.


Evangelo is preparing TRESPASSERS with Paris-based FULLDAWA FILMS for a 2022 shoot. TRESPASSERS is the story of celebrated surrealist Lucy Schwob, who conducted the longest undetected campaign of resistance against the Nazis in Occupied Jersey during WWII. 

SIMON BAXTER – COB, Executive Producer

Simon is a top Executive in the film and entertainment industry. His years of experience include roles as International Sales and Marketing Director for Technicolor, The Completion Bond Company and Fujifilm. Recently, Simon has been Executive Producer on CRASH BURN LOVE, VITA & VIRGINIA, ADVENTURES OF A MATHEMATICIAN, and is an EP on each of Mirror Production’s upcoming projects.


Simon and Evangelo recently founded sister financing company RICHMOND PICTURES, and have deployed £12 million GBP across nine films since 2020.

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