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MIRROR is an exciting new venture dedicated to producing intelligent and cutting-edge commercial media for the international market. MIRROR works with writers, directors and co-producers united around a common goal: Articulating universal themes across all genres that will appeal to audiences everywhere.


MIRROR was launched when Evangelo Kioussis and Simon Baxter joined forces. Both are producers with a long history of creative and finance consulting, having worked with and sold projects to global broadcasters including Seven Network, Global TV, CHUM, CBC, and Alliance Atlantis. MIRROR most recently welcomed five-time 007 Director John Glen to its selected network of Executive Producers. 

At the heart of MIRROR is the passion for telling strong, thematically-driven stories in film, television and digital media. Driving this passion is our belief in creative collaboration with bold and original filmmakers. We support our collaborators’ vision by guiding the creative process and providing practical support, in order to most effectively communicate their stories within their chosen medium.

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